David Jamieson


David Jamieson

Having spent 13 years wrestling with NHS Information in a variety of Information-related roles, I turned my attention to assisting the Not-for-Profit sector to participate in the public sector using a private sector organization! As a serial information-orientated entrepreneur, my organizations have developed systems and platforms for mental health organizations, health care initiatives including smoking and sexual health, social prescribing, substance misuse, and cancer networks.

I have realized that, to a large extent, I am part of the problem and also part of the solution: the production and activation of data and information require the correct governance - founded in the intentions of the digital platforms that produce them - to be communicated and learned from.

As a researcher, I have looked into the use of open data, the production of care-related data for payment, the co-creation of social innovation, and government use of digital online platforms.

The Trustworthy Governable Platform (TGP) is a rearchitecting of Information Systems which are used for the publication and subscription of Health and Social Care information. By readdressing the paradigm within which it is governed, the TGP as a technical artifact provides an information communication lens - rather than one which is focused on information processing - to correctly map the communicative theory it is underpinned by. The ultimate vision of the TGP is to allow for the governed sharing of data across a wide range of data silos regardless of the underlying technology.


Email - david.a.jamieson@northumbria.ac.uk